Why be apart of our network? Here are some of the features you get.

  1. Your own optional forum. (phpbb or hosted with ours. yourfoum.urplay.site)
  2. Support for your websites. Need help installing software like worpdress ect… We can help with that.
  3. Gaming server support. Having trouble installing a modpack on a minecraft server? We can help you with that.
  4. Everyone in our network get a free e-mail address. (name@urplay.site)
  5. Access to a special forum on our main site that will feature freebies and all kinds of neat things.
  6. Your website/game servers will be listed on our website directory.
  7. All of this if free. No hidden agenda. No hidden fees.

*Urplay Network is not a hosting provider. We do not rent out servers or website hosting. We only provide general support.